Which Celebrity Gave Away 36 Homes To Veterans in 2015?

There is a new craze among country stars and Tim McGraw is not exempt. Bret Michaels, Darius Rucker, and McGraw have all donated time and resources to Operation Homefront, an organization that gives homes to veterans. Part of the American dream is to own a home and through this amazing organization, veterans are able to do just that!

Plus their reactions to receiving a home are beyond heart-warming…

During Tim McGraw’s 2015 Shotgun Rider tour, he plans on giving away 36 homes. Each home will be given away in a different city-stop on his tour, which will further help raise awareness for Operation Homefront. McGraw has been helping the organization for 3 years now and, according a press-release from their website, he’s help awarded 108 homes to over 300 families with veterans.

McGraw explains his work in simple terms:

“The return to civilian life can be a challenging transition. We want to welcome veterans home to the community they sacrificed to protect.

A mortgage-free home provides stability for their families and also allows them to start this new chapter of their life with one less worry.”


There are many organizations that help provide housing to veterans, but there are many veterans living on the street who desperately need housing too. The organization Veterans Matter is a non-profit that does exactly that: houses homeless veterans. AND THEY NEED YOUR HELP!

There is ready housing for many of the chronically homeless veterans on our streets. Partnered with HUD and the VA, Veterans Matter allows the veteran’s VA case manager to secure a deposit for the veteran in mere minutes. Veterans Matter writes the deposit check directly to the landlord, guaranteeing a 100% success rate in moving the veteran or veteran family across the threshold and into the ready and available permanent housing.

You can be a part of this amazing trend with your donation. Even a little bit can make a huge difference in a veteran’s life. You can help protect the people who protected you. Not every celebrity cares so much about problems concerning veterans. Tim McGraw is not only giving away homes to vets, but he’s also raising awareness and respect for those who fought for our freedom.

Cowboy-hats off to you Tim McGraw.

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