Despite 77–62 Win, Basketball Game Ends In Tears (Of Joy) For ND Guard

Notre Dame’s Matt Farrell scored 13 points in a winning game against Colgate on Dec. 19, but the real highlights came after the match was over.

Farrell must have felt victorious after seeing the 77–62 Irish win on the scoreboard, but his emotions would quickly change to surprise and excitement as his brother, Bo, appeared on screen.

Bo, a U.S. Army lieutenant, has been serving in Afghanistan for the past several months. Initially scheduled to return from deployment in February, the enlisted Farrell managed to surprise his brother, and the rest of the Purcell Center, when his voice boomed from the megatron.

“I’ve been watching you tonight,” Bo said. “For us, home is wherever we’re together, and I look forward to being home with you soon…really, really soon.”

Joyous, tearful, and surrounded by exuberant teammates, the junior Irish guard met his brother at half court where the two shared an embrace in front of the fans in attendance.

As the Irish record climbed to 10–2, the Farrell brothers were the true winners of the night.

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