A Double Homecoming As A Soldier Surprises His Daughter Then Drives To Surprise His Son

We all love reunion videos and they are fun to watch when they are super creative. Well, there’s another great example of a surprise that works perfectly…because the people being surprised didn’t see it coming at all!

Sergeant Shannon Taylor wasn’t expected home for weeks, as he had been deployed to Afghanistan for nine months. He couldn’t wait to come home and see his kids on the Friday Night gridiron. Taylor’s daughter was a cheerleader and his son was a football player and needless to say, they would be somewhere on the sidelines every Friday night.

But on this special Friday night, the two kids were in for a massive surprise. So, with the help from the school and their athletic department, and using the the school mascot costume, Taylor gave them a surprise that they will never forget.

I love reunions like this!

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