This Blind Girl’s Rendition Of National Anthem Blows The Crowd Away

Marlena Vanhoose should be a household name. Really, it should. The Denver, Kentucky native has been faced with great adversity since birth, in the forms of cytomegalovirus and blindness. But, has she persevered and done so with an amazing attitude as well as an amazing talent.

What helped her tackle the obstacles in her path is also her inspirational weapon of choice: she is one remarkably talented singer. He voice is great enough to blow anyone away.

As you’ll see in the video (filmed when Marlena was 16 years old), Marlena wows the crowd at a University of Kentucky women’s basketball game with her beautiful rendition of our beloved national anthem. No one was expecting this when she walked out onto the court to sing the Star Spangled Banner before the game began. Whatever else happened that night, the one thing everyone remembers is Marlena’s performance!

If you get chills, don’t worry — like everyone else, we did too.

Watch Marlena Vanhoose sing the Star Spangled Banner in the video below!

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