Marine Comes Home To See His Son Walk For The First Time

Coming home from overseas is a special moment, and so is seeing your son walk for the first time. This lucky Marine got to experience both at the same time! What makes it all the more special is that his son, who has cerebral palsy, waited to surprise his dad until he got home from deployment.

Hearing him describe this special moment will bring tears to your eyes. In case you missed it, you can catch the original heartwarming video here.

There have been numerous stories about over coming the odds and this is another! Little Michael set his mind to being able to overcome the odds his doctor’s gave him about never being able to walk unassisted.

While Staff Sgt. Jeremy Cooney was deployed, his wife, Melissa, worked in secret to help little Michael walk on his own.

The look on the returning Marine’s face when his son walks without assistance to meet him is absolutely priceless. You can tell that he is so very proud of his son!

Hear this proud father describe this special moment in the video below!

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