Here’s What They Mean By ‘Once A Marine, Always A Marine’

Ok, I’ll admit right from the start that this is a promotional video.  And before I go any further, let it be known that I have ultimate respect for all of the honored and proud traditions of every unit, specialty and branch of our American military services.  Over the years I have written about all of them and have been proud to do so.   

That said, this video is a clear and recognizable representation of the Marine Corps culture and ethic.  Every Marine knows and believes these ideas.  Most go into the Corps because of these ideas, and the phrase, “once a Marine, always a Marine” is really true.  

Marines preparing to land in a helicopter.

I know this because, as a Navy Fleet Marine Force Corpsman, I had the privilege to be adopted as one of them. Though to this day, I am proud to have been given my training for my MOS by the best medical training program in the services at the Naval Hospital Corps School at Great Lakes, Ill., I am most proud of having been a “Doc” with Bravo Co., 3rd Recon Bn., 3rd Marine Division in Vietnam in 1968. 

Having spent most of my four years on active duty with the Marines, first in Field Medical Service School and then with 2nd Force Service Regiment at Camp Lejeune, NC and ultimately with Bravo, 3rd Recon, it is only natural that I identify more with my Marine brothers. Their courage and commitment to one another is a fact, not a mere recruiting slogan. 

Marines work together to succeed.

I know. I’ve seen and benefited from it up close and personal. We Corpsmen who attend our Marine Corps unit reunions are always counted as one of them. That means more to us than can be imagined.

Enjoy the video.

OoRah, Marines! Semper Fidelis! Fratres Aetern!

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