Fallen Marine’s Flag Stolen, Father Pleads For Its Return

A father in Yakima County, Washington is pleading for the return of an American flag that was stolen when his truck was broken into in late April. That’s because the flag is belonged to his son, fallen Marine Lance Cpl. Joe Jackson, and is signed by Jackson and the rest of the Marines who were in his platoon when he was killed in Afghanistan in 2011.

Shawn Marceau has reached out on social media and television in hopes that the flag will be found or returned. He said he just wants his son’s flag back, and there will be no questions asked for anyone who returns it.

“The significance to anybody is really nothing, but to us, it is so personal because it’s their last signatures in their lives,” Marceau told Fox 12 Oregon. “And I think that is what makes it so important to us. It is part of our son and he had it there with him when he was killed.”

Lance Cpl. Joe Jackson’s father was also a Marine, as were his grandfather and great-grandfather.

Since a photo of the stolen flag was posted to Facebook on Friday it has been shared more than 60,000 times.

Facebook/Shawn Marceau — The stolen flag, signed by all the members of Lance Cpl. Joe Jackson’s platoon.

Lance Cpl. Joe Jackson was serving in the Helmand province of Afghanistan when an IED (improvised explosive device) killed him in 2011. He was 22 at the time of his death.

The night before we went on that last, fateful patrol, the now-missing flag hung over his bed. Jackson and his fellow Marines in the platoon had signed the flag, and after he was killed those Marines gave it to Marceau as a way to remember his son.

According to a Facebook post by Shawn Marceau, the flag includes the signatures of two other fallen Marines, Lance Cpl. Sean O’Conner and Cpl. Adam Eastman.

Screenshot/Fox News — Gold Star father Shawn Marceau talks with Ainsley Earhardt on Fox & Friends.

“I know this is a last-ditch effort but it means everything to us,” Marceau said in an interview with Fox News. “Look in pawn stores. Look in Goodwills, whatever. Whatever second-hand store you have that might be there. I know this is a last-ditch effort but it means everything to us.”

Yakima County is located near central Washington. Marceau said the flag was stolen from his truck in April.

“Any information would be great, no questions asked. Please return this flag if you have seen it,” Shawn Marceau wrote on Facebook. “Can be mailed to me at PO box 297, Harrah, WA 98933, C/O Shawn Marceau.”

Watch this interview with the Gold Star father for more information!

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