Marine surprises his NFL Cheerleader Wife

This Marine comes home to surprise his wife a Washington Redskins cheerleader. This Marine served in both Iraq and Afghanistan and was not supposed to be home for a few more months, but was given the opportunity to come home early. He says, “I’m a lucky man.” And that may well be. But she’s a lucky woman too to have him home in one piece, safe and sound.

This welcome home video shows the unimaginable relief that accompanies the return of a loved one back into the family circle after the long months of worry while he’s been gone. This cheerleader has no words to express her intense feelings, but her free flowing tears tell them more fluently and more clearly than words can anyway.

We thank our servicemen and women for what they have done and are doing for us every day in dangerous and far away places. We thank and honor their families too. They, too, serve and endure. God bless them all.

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