Skill and Awe: Watch This Incredibly Talented Marine Silent Drill Team

There really isn’t much that one can say about what you are about to see here in this video. It is simply awe-inspiring.

The United States Marine Corps Silent Drill Team is seen here in action at an annual event that takes place at Fort Henry in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. This event brings together military drill teams from around North America to show off their skills. The Marine Silent Drill Team has attended this event in the past, but this particular performance was simply beyond compare.

All I can say is that the precision, the sounds, the attention to the smallest details of movement in every aspect of the drill, is as perfect and anything human can be.

Source: YouTube/Rejean Lemay
The Marines are in formation.

It is a treat both visually and audibly. The silence is as important as the stylized movements and the traditional dress uniforms. The rhythms of the rifle butts hitting the ground, the hand slaps on the rifles and on their thighs enhances the pomp and precision of the drill. The rifle skills are inherently dangerous, especially with their fixed bayonets, but are done with stoic, unflinching expressions These Marines are dignity and purpose personified.

Source: YouTube/Rejean Lemay
This routine takes practice and skill.

Though it would be out of character with the dignity of this performance, if you are like me, you might feel like standing up at the end of this performance and shouting, “OooRah!”

Source: YouTube/Rejean Lemay
Semper Fi, Marines!

Enjoy this purely visual and auditory masterpiece of discipline, order and precision. Amazing! Semper Fi!

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