Santa Has Special Surprise For Marine’s Son

Christmas is going to be a bit more merry this year at the Rescott home in Stafford, VA, thanks to a heartwarming surprise from Santa Claus. First grader Jackson Rescott was at school when his classroom got a special visitor. It was Santa himself, with red suit and white beard, there to read the class a holiday story. But that was just the first surprise Santa had in store.

Jackson’s father, USMC Staff Sgt. David Rescott, had been gone from home for 8 months, serving with the Marines in Kuwait. He wasn’t scheduled to come home until after the new year, so when Santa asked Jackson what he wanted for Christmas his answer was (along with an Xbox One), “I also want my dad.” Santa told him, “I think I have a bit of Christmas magic for you.”

That’s when Santa began taking off his glasses, hat, and beard. Underneath the suit was Jackson’s dad, come home early to surprise his son. After the initial shock quickly wore off, Staff Sgt. David Rescott and his son hug and can be heard saying “I love you” to one another. Watch the full video below!

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