Wow! This Is Intense! Watch These Marine Recruits Experience Their First Few Minutes Of Training.

Remember this moment, Marines?

Welcome to MCRD, Marine Corps Recruit Depot! Those first moments make an impression that lasts for the rest of your time in the Corps.

This DI is cut. He is clear as glass and very forceful. Do you hear a single um, ah, or hesitation in his voice?

You wouldn’t in your wildest dreams defy him.

Yes sir! and Aye, sir! become the totality of your vocabulary. You ask nothing: you only obey, with speed.

This is the longest twelve minutes in your young life up to this point.

Look into the eyes of the men who have entered into this arrangement. Will they be able to stay focused the entire time? Will they be able to follow every command this DI gives? Will they make it through to the end? Only one thing is for certain.

This is the DI’s room and you know it.

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