Marines Like You’ve Never Thought Of Them Before

Marines have a well-deserved reputation as war fighters, men and women with integrity, grit, and a commitment to excellence in everything they do. This video details those brave individuals in the Marine Enlistment Option Program. These Marines serve in the Corps just like every other Marine, but they also get to pursue their other passion—music.

These men and women are Marines in every sense of the word. They go through the same Marine Corps boot camp training, the same combat infantry training, the same combat fitness tests and have to regularly train at the shooting range, because, as we all know, every Marine is a rifleman.

These Marines, when deployed, put down their musical instruments, pick up a rifle and deploy with their units just like every other Marine. As one of the Marines in the video says, “I’m a trombone player and a Marine.”

These men and women are proud Marines who also get to show the Marine Corps colors around the world in their Concert Band Ceremonial units, in small ensembles, in the Jazz Band and, of course, the Marine Corps Drum and Bugle Corps.

For someone who wants to be everything a Marine can be, as well as have the opportunity to travel the world while pursuing his or her passion in music, this Marine Enlistment Option Program seems the ideal combination of those two seemingly disparate ideas. These Marines have the opportunity to serve the country both on the battlefield and on the world stage.

A Marine is a Marine first. These Marines just add another dimension to an already storied Corps.

Semper Fi, Marines. Thanks for the music, and for your service in the United States Marine Corps.

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