The Corps Ethic In Action – See How Supremely Disciplined These Marines Can Be!

Well, this isn’t “play” by any means, but it is a perfect example of the Marine Corps ethic in formal action. 

Watch this silent drill team as it goes through its various movements. 

The individuality of each Marine is subsumed into the precise singularity of this unit and its purpose. 

Every haircut is the same. The uniforms differ only in their rank insignias. Each face bears the same stoney, hard-eyed seriousness, and the complete and total discipline of each and every movement is as precise as a metronome and as accurate as a well oiled clock. 

Source: YouTube/Bob Lennox
Marines in uniform perform precision maneuvers.

It is pure confidence and elegance in motion.

Enjoy this. It really is a masterpiece of precision.

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