Marine’s Epic Father-Daughter Dance Stuns Everyone

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Leonardo Cortinas, a retired United States Marine, got an unusual request from his daughter, Jasmine, ahead of her quinceanera. She wanted to dance with her father.

That doesn’t sound like an odd request — at least not at first. It was the kind of dance she wanted her dad to do that made it so unique. Jasmine wanted to perform a choreographed hip-hop routine on the dance floor during her quinceanera in front of all 600 guests.

For the former Marine who loves his daughter completely, he was all onboard.

The father-daughter duo practiced for weeks before the big event to get their dance routine perfect. When Jasmine’s quinceanera finally arrived, they were ready — and so was the video camera. The result is an absolutely amazing dance with a Marine and his daughter that is going viral!

YouTube screenshot

YouTube screenshot

“I wanted to do the surprise father-daughter dance because I didn’t want to be like all of the other quinceaneras,” Jasmine told TODAY. “I wanted people to remember my fifteenth birthday and not just think of it as another party where they got free food or entertainment. I wanted it to be memorable for everyone — not just me.”

Jasmine was in a wonderful gown and Leonardo was in his USMC dress blues. They stole the show with their dance moves. This is a video you can’t miss!

YouTube screenshot

YouTube screenshot

“They were wowed and a lot of the dads said to me that their little girls were wondering what they were going to do for their dance at their quinceaneras,” Leonardo said.

Jasmine added, “I loved dancing with my dad. I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

Watch this great video below!

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