Marine Veteran Publishes Children’s Book To Comfort Children Of Deployed Troops

For many in the armed forces, the most difficult part of the job is the extended separation from loved ones during deployment. For those waiting at home, the time spent apart can raise feelings of fear, anxiety, and loneliness — especially for young children who may not fully understand why a parent has to go.

While this is an immutable fixture of military life, that hasn’t stopped one Marine veteran from sharing a message of comfort and hope for families during times of separation.

“I Will Come Back,” by author and veteran Padgy Soltis, is a children’s book targeted at young family members who are missing their parent. Based in Soltis’ own experiences as a mother of a young son in a dual military family, the book aims to “remind children and parents that regardless of the time and distance they may be apart, they will be reunited once again.”

Photo: flickr/The National Guard

Originally created as a poem in 2016, Soltis’ writing served as a source of comfort to her when she was called in for a two-month training and needed to leave her 8-month-old son with his father.

In the years that followed, both Soltis and her son’s father were separately deployed for months at a time, missing each other, raising a child independently, and dealing with the difficult emotions that arose.

Soltis developed her writing further, partnering with Spanish translator Gabriella Aldeman and illustrator Dzvinka Rak for a fully illustrated children’s book in English and Spanish!


“The bond of parenthood and love knows no limits,” Soltis told The Military Times in April.

“My hope is that this book… is a reminder that they are always in our hearts regardless of the distance or time,” she continued.


“I Will Come Back,” or “Volveré de Nuevo” for the Spanish edition, is set to be released on May 6th, 2021, by Plant Seeds Press. See more about “I Will Come Back” here!

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