“Swift” Has to be His Middle Name! This Marine Shows Off His Break Dancing Skills at the USMC Ball!

The USMC Ball is held every year to celebrate the birthday of the United States Marine Corps (November 10th, 1775). While the celebration has evolved over time, the current festivities typically include: a cake-cutting ceremony, a generous banquet, live music, and plenty of dancing. We all know that the best part is the dancing.

The annual Marine ball is something that all Marines look forward to, and so many attend from all around the country. The event is not only a celebration of the Marine Corps birthday, but also of the camaraderie that these brave men and women share on and off the battlefield. When you work hard, you play hard — and few work harder than the Marines.

Well, the Marine you’re about to see in the video took the dancing part to a whole new level! Inspired by Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean,” his feet quickly reach supersonic speed. And they just don’t stop! You will see his fellow Marines dancing with him but only a few are able to keep up with his quick feet and swift dance moves. It appears that the Marines are recruiting some of the best dancing talent and we might know why now.

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