The US Marine Corps Body Bearers: The Last To Let You Down

This CBS News video is about one of the most elite units in the United States Marine Corps. They have the most sacred of duties to their fellow Marines. They are the Marine Corps Body Bearers.

I have written about this unit before, but this video really brings you up-close-and-personal with the men who are in this elite unit.

This unit is stationed at the Marine Corps 8th&I Barracks in Washington, D.C. Their sole purpose is to bear their brother and sister Marines to their final resting places at Arlington National Cemetery. As you will see in this video, each one of these Marines are strong, disciplined and humble. They understand the seriousness of their duty and they take seriously their role in giving the final honors to the Marines that they bear.

Their motto is: The Last To Let You Down.

Source: YouTube/CBS Evening News
Marine Body Bearers, the last to let you down.

These Marine Body Bearers are mentally, physically and spiritually strong. They have to be in order to carry out the solemn duties they are missioned to do. They train constantly.

You will see that these Marines carry out this sacred duty differently than any of the other services. The way that they bear the caskets is unique to them and requires that they be physically strong enough to be able to do this. The precision of their actions in folding the flag and in bearing the casket, give powerful, visual honor and dignity to the solemnity of each funeral service.

Source: YouTube/CBS Evening News

This video will give you a clear idea of what Marine Corps Body Bearers do. But, more importantly, you will get a very personal sense of how each of these men sees and understands his role and his duties, and how much it means to each of them to be able to be a part of this unique unit in service to their fellow Marines and their families.

Source: YouTube/CBS Evening News

It is quite an honor to be a part of this unique Marine Corps unit. Many try, but only a few are able to become Marine Corps Body Bearers.

The Veterans Site wishes to thank the Marine Corps Body Bearers for the noble, dignified and honorable service they give to their fellow Marines on the day that they are laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery. What you do for your brother and sister Marines is the final proof of the unique bond that is the United States Marine Corps. Semper Fidelis! Fratres Aeterni!

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