Marine Body Bearers: The Last To Let You Down

This is a unit of the Marine Corps that most people know little or nothing about. It is one of the most difficult units to get into and is one of the most honored units in the Corps.

Their duties are exclusively in service to their fallen brothers and sisters. Their motto is, “The Last To Let You Down.” They are the last Marines performing the last and most sacred duties for their fallen comrades in war or in peace. For the families, these Marine Body Bearers provide the ultimate service with the utmost dignity, solemnity and dedication.

They offer to the fallen Marine, and to their families, the last and most powerful demonstration of love and commitment that the Corps can give to its fellow Marines.

Source: YouTube/Marines
Marine Body Bearers carry out a solemn ceremony.

These men, dressed in their crisp Dress Blues with the traditional blood stripe down descending down each pant leg, with their white gloves and covers, with their steady strength of body and character, make a profound final statement of the Marine Corps motto, “Semper Fidelis” to the families of the fallen and all who witness their precision and care in their duties.

Source: YouTube/Marines
These Marines are dedicated to their job and understand its importance to military families.

Watch this short video and get a sense of the kind of Marines that serve in this unit. They are truly unique. Their service is truly honorable and is an expression of all that is the best about the United States Marine Corps.

Source: YouTube/Marines
It takes more than just strength to be a Marine Body Bearer. Not everyone will make the cut.

The Veterans Site sends its respect and its deepest gratitude to all the Marines who have served and who are presently serving in this prestigious unit of the United States Marine Corps.

You show very clearly that Marines are Fratres Aeterni, brothers forever.


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