Marine Purposely Loses Race To Run With Struggling 9-Year-Old That Wanted To Give Up

In a world that is often filled with so much depressing news, it’s always a welcomed change to read uplifting stories. Recently, a photo has gone viral for all the right reasons. The photo depicts two marathon runners – a 9-year-old boy and a marine – completing a marathon together.

Lance Corporal Myles Kerr first came across 9-year-old Brandon Fuchs while Kerr was competing in a 5K marathon in Charlevoix, Michigan with his fellow marines. Kerr came upon Fuchs, who was struggling to make it to the finish line. Rather than leaving him behind in the dust, Kerr stayed with Fuchs, slowing down in order to run beside the boy to the end.

Photo: Facebook / Seal of Honor

It turns out that Fuchs had gotten separated from his own running group on account of his struggle to keep up. When Fuchs reached out to Kerr, the marine immediately obliged, slowing down and staying with Fuchs, making sure he made it to the finish line with plenty of encouragement.

The small act of kindness was noted by many and soon went viral after it was picked up by the Seal of Honor Facebook page, as well as a couple of other news outlets. Soon, the story had been retweeted and shared across the internet. People responded to the heartwarming story, agreeing that the marine made the right choice that day.

Photo: Facebook / Seal of Honor

There were many, many positive comments all over YouTube, with many people saying that the picture had made their day, or restored their faith in humanity.

“You know every day I have to deal over the phone with people who seem to think that everyone should drop everything and attend to their needs, no matter how trivial they are and no matter what else might be going on in the world around them. Sometimes, it is very hard to remain civil to them. So when I come across something like this, where someone gave up their time and aim for a child… well, I just love it. It reminds me that there are really nice people out there. thank you to that Marine.”

Photo: Facebook / Seal of Honor

One person wrote, “I totally applaud what he did, but as for any man….he is certainly wrong about that one! it takes a certain kind of real man to put others before himself, especially in this context. this altruistic and heroic act would not have been done by very many others. then, in true hero fashion, he downplays just how amazing of a man he must be.”

“Well done marine! show the world and our country that members of the military truly are the best amongst we the people….self sacrifice the key principle of all branches of the military,” said another.

Sometimes we all need a reminder to be kind to those around us. and that’s exactly what this story does.

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