Man Cuts In Front Of Soldiers Waiting In Line To Pay For All Their Meals

We sometimes hear about people who buy meals for men in uniform but there are also some who go above and beyond.

There are even some who fight over the opportunity to pay their respects to service members. An example is when one patron got angry because another patron was faster to pay the bill for 5 Army soldiers. This took place in 2016 at Arnold’s Country Kitchen in Nashville, Tennessee.

Even though the bill was under $100, they would have paid more without even thinking about it.

Another incident was reported by TODAY in 2014. Maj. John O’Sullivan, along with his wife Michelle, their friends (Capt. Dave and Cindy Meek) were enjoying an evening together. They were dining at Roy’s Steakhouse in Newport Beach California and had a bill of over $400. Even so, someone decided to pick up the tab.

Photo: TODAY

Philanthropist Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz went viral with a video a year later in Shannon, Ireland. He wanted to thank US soldiers at an airport for their service so he paid for all of their meals at $50 each. There were 400 soldiers present.

It seems as if good deeds are happening everywhere.

Rumble Viral/YouTube

That being said, the gesture does not need to be expensive to be genuine.

Jack’s fast food restaurant in Holly Pond, Alabama was the scene of another kind gesture.

The man wanted to remain anonymous but some had given his ID in Facebook comments.

Somebody else had taken the picture in the restaurant, the father of Levi Lawrence. Lawrence posted it on Facebook with the caption:

“Hopefully the people pictured won’t mind but shoutout to the gentlemen in blue with his son he saw all the uniformed military in jacks in holly pond this morning and proceeded to the front of the line and said I would like to buy all of their breakfast for them. He bought about 12 meals, not including his own family. WE NEED MORE PEOPLE LIKE YOU SIR!”

Photo: Levi Lawrence/Facebook

The man in the picture with the blue shirt went to the front of the breakfast line at Jack’s in order to pay everyone’s bill. He then stood and watched as they got their meal with his child by his side.

After being posted about a month ago, it has thousands of reactions on Facebook and even more shares.

Over 300 commenters were touched by the man’s kind deed.

“That was so nice and what a good example for his son!”

“Thank you! ALL of you. Thank you to the gentleman and his son for recognizing these heroes and to them for their service!”

“Wonderful to see people still care! Very thoughtful”

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