Little Girl Screams “Daddy”, Runs Towards Him at Airport

Family reunions are always fun especially when it is a surprise! This little girl did not know her daddy was coming home, but she realized her daddy was back when he was coming down the stairs to greet his family.

We like to think the little ones are free from the kind of interior stresses we adults endure while waiting for our loved ones to come home from deployments. However, they may not truly understand the real dangers their daddy faced, but they miss his daily presence, his strength, his force of love toward them.

This welcome home video shows the unimaginable relief that accompanies the return of a loved one back into the family circle after the long months of worry while he’s been gone. This girl has no words to express her feelings of joy and happiness other than “Daddy”; but that’s all she needs to say to get the tears in our eyes to swell.

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