Gary Sinise Reconnects With Wounded Veteran

Lieutenant Dan is a name we all know. We met the character first in the great movie, Forrest Gump. Gary Sinise, the actor who played that role, has become one of our military’s greatest supporters. What he has done and continues to do for our wounded veterans in particular is exceptional.


In the movie he plays a man who is severely wounded, both physically and emotionally. He is a double amputee and when he comes home he is filled with survivor’s guilt and many other now-recognizable PTSD symptoms. We see him saved on the battlefield, then supported, nurtured, and loved by the naive and uncomplicated character of Forrest Gump. Lt. Dan’s recovery is long and difficult, especially in the emotional arena. But because of Forrest’s innocent, non-judgmental care and his own slowly rediscovered inner tenacity, Lt. Dan gets his life back.

The depiction of Lt. Dan’s struggles to get his life back are familiar to many of our veterans. Today, the actor, Gary Sinise, has taken on a new role. He is someone who stands by our wounded veterans, who supports them with his time, his talent, and resources. This video will let you see what he is doing and how sincere he is in his efforts to support and care for our wounded and recovering veterans.

The Veterans Site would like to thank Gary Sinise, “Lt. Dan,” for his commitment to our veterans. The needs of our veterans are great and will be with us for a long time to come. Gary Sinise models the kind of commitment we need to have for vets at all levels of our society. Our veterans are a precious asset. Those who come back to us wounded deserve our greatest commitment and concern to help them recover and to carry on with the rest of their lives.

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