This Medal Of Honor Recipient Is All Humility And Courage–The True Definition of A Hero

Kyle Carpenter is a Marine and a Medal of Honor recipient. His identification with those titles is both humble and complete. What he went through and what he did in defense of his brother Marines in Afghanistan proved that that Marine identity was stamped on his heart.

This video is reveals more about his personal character than about the actions that he undertook on behalf of his brother Marines against a determined Taliban enemy force. He received the Medal of Honor for his actions that day, but you will have to find another video to learn more about that.

Rather, this video is about the character of the person of Kyle Carpenter. And I think you will come away from this video deeply moved by his determination and his relentless love of life.

Source: YouTube/USA Patriotism!

The fight he had to put up to survive the devastating wounds he received in the battle that day is clearly a matter of courage equal to the actions he was recognized for.

You will hear nothing but humility in this young man. He will tell you, for example, that it was the dedication, love and skill of others, three fellow Marines and a Corpsman, that saved his life on the field of battle. But you will also see the inner strength he himself possesses. He says that the Taliban killed him over there, but he defied that certainty and “came back to life.”

Source: YouTube/USA Patriotism!
Source: YouTube/USA Patriotism!

You will see and hear the strength of personal character that he brought to bear in that very difficult and personal fight to come back from death and the devastating wounds he received.

Source: YouTube/USA Patriotism!
Source: YouTube/USA Patriotism!

How does he feel about being a Marine? He says it is like, “having the Eagle Globe and Anchor engraved on your heart. It is to have a purpose and a calling that will never leave you.”

You can see that these are not just words to this courageous young man.

The Veterans Site sends its respect and thanks to Kyle Carpenter and to his fellow Marines and Corpsmen. You are the very embodiment of the Marine motto:

Semper Fidelis

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