Therapy Has Never Been So, Uh, Fluffy? Seriously, I Wouldn’t Be Surprised If Kittens Could Cure All!

Stress is a part of everyones daily life. The challenge is how to deal with that daily stress, there are a lot of ways to go about it and everyone finds their own ways to release the pressures that stress causes.

The most common ones are exercising, personal alone time, meditation, and yoga. Now these are all activities that most of us can do but they are not for everyone, so we have a few more ideas for you. Think animals, better yet the best furry pets.

Any cat owner will tell you that having a cat reduces their stress level – it’s just a no brainer! What happens when you put unsuspecting stressed out people in a glass box and let an adorable gang of kittens loose? Pure magic, that’s what! I wish one of these existed in every city!

Check out this awesome video below and see how wonderful the fluff of a kitten can really be!

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