Vietnam Veteran’s Service Dog Helps With PTSD And More

Richard Steinberg was a Sentry Dog Handler during the Vietnam War. He fought and endured a lot during his service. Today he has another battle to face each day — that’s because he suffers from PTSD and diabetes.

When service dogs were first gaining attention for being helpful with PTSD, Steinberg got a support dog of his own. That was nothing new to him, since he was a Sentry Dog Handler during the war and was used to being around dogs and working with them in combat situations. In fact, he talks about how the dogs helped save and protect himself and other soldiers during the Vietnam War in the video below.

“They gave me the dog to protect me, and we survived,” said Steinberg.

Steinberg has nightmares and other symptoms of PTSD, and his service dog helps calm him down when he needs it to get through those episodes. His diabetes means he also has changes in blood sugar that Kira, his current dog, can sense and alert him to before he needs to take immediate action.

You can see more about how service dogs help with PTSD here.

Kira gets to continue the legacy of dogs helping the military and we salute her for that!

Hear from Steinberg himself about his truly wonderful experiences with dogs in the military.

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