Kids Use Their Ring Doorbell To Send Video Messages To Their Military Dad Who’s Deployed Overseas

Major Peter DeCrans is an American soldier who is deployed in the Middle East. Since he is so far away from home and in a different time zone, it can be a challenge to talk to his wife and kids.

It wasn’t long after he was deployed, however, that Cierra, his wife, purchased a Ring Video Doorbell. She wanted to add a layer of security at the front door to her home in Forest Lake, Minnesota, and allow her husband to keep an eye on things.

As it turns out, it was a great way for the kids to stay connected with their dad.

Major DeCrans is no stranger to military life. Over the course of his 20 years of service, he has been deployed three times. His most recent deployment was for 10 months in Kuwait. After his wife purchased the Ring Video Doorbell, he would get regular messages from his 7-year old son, Zerick, and 5-year-old daughter, Petroula, and they included video! They would use the doorbell to tell stories to their dad and anything else they had on their mind.

You can see some of their messages here:

As a father, he wanted to be home for his daughter’s birthday but he couldn’t. As he shared in a video, he still enjoyed seeing the video of her because: “I was able to see that she was wearing a princess gown and bringing cookies to her classroom. You can’t be there, but you still feel connected.”

When the Ring doorbell was first purchased, they thought the father could keep his eye on the house while he was away. According to a blog post by Ring, his wife said it was a big deal to him because he could always take a look in and see what was happening outside of his own home. Cierra’s father is the one who came up with the idea of using the doorbell so the kids could talk to their dad. It wasn’t long before it was being used regularly.

“You could just tell that it helped them deal with the deployment,” she shared with Ring. “They went up to [the Ring doorbell], and they just knew that [their dad] was going to be on the other end.”

Using the doorbell in this way made it easy for the kids to let their dad know how they felt or what was going on. Major DeCrans could check in to see the videos anytime he wanted. He said it wasn’t necessary to make a big production, they could just walk up to the door and start talking.

In the end, it helped him to get through his deployment and being so far away from his family. He could check on the kids, see what the weather was like at home, and still feel as if he was keeping an eye on things.

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