Have You Ever Seen Someone So Happy!? This Rocker’s #1 Fan Gets A Big Surprise On His Birthday!

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Daniel McGurk just may be the biggest Kid Rock fan on the planet. Not only has he seen Kid Rock perform live six times, but the majority of his wardrobe is dedicated to Kid Rock as well. And, upon turning 30, Daniel had one wish: for Kid Rock to attend his birthday party, held at a restaurant near Detroit, Michigan.

For those of you who have woken up from a 20 year coma, Kid Rock is an American musician who burst on the scene in 1998 with his debut album Devil Without a Cause. Since then, Kid Rock has been nominated for a Grammy Award five times and has sold 25 million albums in the United States.

Now what would you do to get a famous musician to come out to your birthday party? Would you make a video talking about how much you like their music? How cool they were? What they meant to you and your world? Well, Daniel did all that…AND MORE!

This video is just one of several invites that Daniel sent out:

Now, we probably all know how busy of a guy Kid Rock is. He’s a musician. He’s a celebrity. When he isn’t in the spotlight, or making music, he’s doing all that he can to support our troops. Regardless, the Detroit native was able to carve out some time to surprise his #1 fan on such a special occasion. Do you think Daniel was excited at all!?

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