These Military Homecomings Are Tearjerking, Joyful

Members of the military volunteer to serve their country and protect its citizens and freedoms. They make incredible sacrifices of their safety, their time, and sometimes their lives. Military families sacrifice a lot too, but they aren’t the ones who volunteered for it. They endure constant worry, the unknown, long separations, and so much more.

It is always wonderful and heartwarming to see military families reunited after a service member has been deployed. In the video below, you can want a compilation of surprise homecomings from military parents and spouses and the reactions of joy, jubilation, and love when the wait is over and their loved one is back home in their arms. The clips of military homecomings is set to a perfect song that pays tribute to that sacrifice made by both members of the military and their families.

This beautiful song, “Keeper Of The Stars” by Andrea Pearson, is a beautiful tribute to military personnel and their families. It truly expresses what these kids are going through. We couldn’t be more proud of the brave military kids of America!

Watch the video below and listen to the words of the song!

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