Dog Surrendered To Shelter When Dad Was Deployed Finds His Way Back To Family Months Later

Dogs are surrendered to shelters for many reasons, including the owner is being deployed. This was the case for a sweet pit bull named Kano.

When his dad was deployed, he tried to find a home for his pup with his family, but they were unable to care for him at that time.

He was brought to DeKalb County Animal Services where he spent four months before being transferred to LifeLine Animal Project Community Animal Center.

Shortly after he arrived, he was greeted by a familiar face – his grandma – and brought home.

The heartwarming reunion of Kano, formerly known as Skillet at the shelter, with his family was shared by LifeLine Animal Project and is sure to bring a tear to your eye.

Kano’s grandma shared the entire story with the shelter. “My son raised Kano in the Blue Ridge mountains since the pup was about 6 weeks old. Kano was the best, most loving dog. My son told me that when I would leave to come back home he would cry at the door. So I definitely was like his grandma! When my son decided to go into the Army, I had to rehome Kano due to some other family commitments and concerns but not long after I just had an intuitive sense that I needed to look for him.”

She started searching online and when she found him, she immediately reached out to the shelter. The following day after work she headed to the shelter to bring Kano home. She recalls, “I knew in my soul he needed me; it’s like he was calling me somehow. I know that sounds crazy. I tell him every day I’m sorry I was doing the best I could do at the time and I love him so much! I still feel the guilt but I hope he knows and feels my love for him.”

Over the past few months, the woman was able to purchase a home with a fenced backyard, perfect for Kano to run and play. Kano will soon be reunited with his dad who is about to come home for the first time since being deployed.

The entire staff was brought to tears when they saw the special bond between Kano and his grandma. Patricia Knowles Hughes, the adoption counselor, stated, “It was amazing to see him with her. The kennel tech said he did a 360 turn around when she walked up and called him Kano. They definitely had everyone in the building crying happy tears.”

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