When Military Families Reunite Like This, We All Share The Joy

Most have at least an idea of how hard it is for our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines to go off to their deployments. In these times, they are often being sent to some of the most dangerous of places on the planet, and for long periods of time. But we often forget about their families back home who have to go on with their regular lives while always thinking and worrying about their loved ones.

This video will give you a sense of how difficult it is for these young families to be gone from one another for a long periods of time and under those worrying circumstances. This young family’s greeting says it all. The wife’s love, and the release of all the tensions she has borne over the time of his deployment, come out suddenly and beautifully in tears of joy and the longed-for embrace of her husband. 

Source: YouTube/Kate Flickinger
The Flickinger family puts out a sign for their returning hero.

Their little girl is befuddled as to who this is that is kissing her mommy. There is an understandable awkwardness between father and toddler daughter, who for most of her young life has lived only with the presence of her mother in their house.

Source: YouTube/Kate Flickinger
This little one is waiting for her daddy.

The video gives us all a taste of the joy of such homecomings. We also know that the settling back into the daily realities of marriage and parenting will not be easy. 

Source: YouTube/Kate Flickinger
The soldier looks for his family in the crowd.

Things will have to be relearned. Relationships will need to adjust to emotions and experiences that neither have experienced before.

Source: YouTube/Kate Flickinger
A tearful reunion.

They will be starting from new places and all of them will be engaged in the process of writing new stories together.

The Veterans Site is always humbled by the dedication of our military in these difficult times and in the strength and enduring love of the families at home. These warriors and their families are the best of us. 

We honor them and thank them for their service to us all.   

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