Listen To John Wayne On Why He Loved America

“America — Why I Love Her” by John Wayne is an absolutely beautiful, patriotic tribute to our country, from shore to shore. The famous actor’s recording of this tribute — found in the video below — shows his true pride in America, from the land itself to the people living here to the freedoms we all enjoy.

Stirring images of the USA highlight a great American’s ode to the land he loved. This spine-tingling tribute will stir your patriotism and fill your red, white, and blue heart with pride. John Wayne was a true-blue American and is remember fondly by so many people across generations.

This video is one you’ll want to listen to over and over again, just like John Wayne’s films. The true feelings of American pride, patriotism, and love of country come shining through in this tribute. What is it about America that you love the most? I know I can’t pick just one thing.

Watch this stirring video below!

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