Here’s How Seal Team Six Rescued Jessica Buchanan In Somalia

This CBS 60 Minutes piece is with Jessica Buchanon, an aide worker who was kidnapped by a Somali gang in Somalia on October 25, 2011. 

She would spend 93 days in captivity being moved around in the Somali desert, sleeping in the open under trees during that time. She lost a great deal of weight and become deathly ill toward the end of her captivity.

Source: YouTube/Leopold M Llonch
Jessica Buchanan.

Little did she know that her plight had become known in America and that President Obama would order Seal Team Six to rescue her, to save her life. 

In this video she tells the story of what happened the night she was taken, her the long three months in captivity, and what happened on the night of January 25, 2012, when Seal Team Six rescued her from the desert and her captives. 

Source: YouTube/Leopold M Llonch
Jessica Buchanan was held captive for three months.

There is much that the Seal Teams do that is unknown to the rest of us. But this is an indicator of the diverse kinds of missions they are assigned to carry out and the effectiveness with which they do those assignments.  

We’re just glad that they are on our side.

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