The Only Female Pilot in the Mississippi National Guard

This young woman’s story is fascinating and inspiring. Chief Warrant Officer 2 Jessi McCormick comes from a family that is familiar with military service. She is no exception to that rule. But her service is multi-faceted, and this is just a little bit of her story.

McCormick joined the Marine Corps in 2002 and served four years, within which she deployed to Iraq twice as a Military Police officer. When she left the Corps, she attended community college but began to miss the camaraderie that she had experienced in the Marine Corps, so she joined the Mississippi Army National Guard.

Photo: YouTube/aviatrix99

After a mission, she asked her sergeant a simple question: “How can I get into flight school?” That sergeant surprised her the next day; she had been given the green light to enter flight school. She attended Army flight school and took classes and trained, finally becoming an Apache attack helicopter pilot.

She had a great reason for the desire to become an Apache pilot too. Her experiences on the ground in Iraq gave her a great appreciation for the aerial cover that those helicopter pilots provided for the troops on the ground. She is thrilled to now be one of those pilots and excited about being one of those who will be able to bring the aerial support to troops on the ground now.

Photo: YouTube/aviatrix99

The Apache attack helicopter is one mean and powerful machine for ground support and is much loved by the troops on the ground when the stuff hits the fan and they need some serious firepower support. The Apache is 58′ in length and is capable of launching hellfire missiles and various kinds of rockets for big time artillery support, but it is also capable of up-close-and-personal strafing support with its 30mm cannon chain gun.

We congratulate Chief Warrant Officer 2 Jessi McCormick on becoming the first female Apache pilot in the Mississippi Army National Guard. In doing so, she becomes one more of the three percent of pilots in the Army. We wish her a successful career in her second iteration of service to the nation in the National Guard. Hooah!

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