U.S. Marines Have Sent Strangely Effective “Ospreys” To Aid Japan After Their Earthquake.

The United States Marines are a swift and agile force for good around the world. The fact is that most people probably do not think of them in this way, but once again they are the first U.S. units ashore in the effort to provide personnel, expertise, and aid supplies to help Japan in the immediate days and weeks after a series of very large earthquakes in that nation's southern island this week.

Several Marine Corps Ospreys have arrived in Japan in the last couple of days. Because they are capable of vertical take offs and landings they will be available to help lift needed supplies to the affected areas. The Marine Expeditionary Units are, of course, trained for swift responses to battlefield environments, but their small-unit organizational skills and rapid mobility can be used (and have been used) to great effect in situations like those currently happening in Japan.

We at The Veterans Site offer our thoughts and prayers to the people of Japan in this time of need, and to the MEU involved in this important aid effort. Tragedies like the recent major earthquakes in Japan and in Ecuador call for action. As reports filter in after these disasters, The Veterans Site is doing its part to help survivors. You can help us support to relief efforts in Ecuador. Even a small donation makes a big difference.

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