I Never Would’ve Suspected This Man To Be The Pilot!

This is a story for the ages. It is about a veteran military pilot by the name of Jack Dorshaw. He is not famous. Never was. But his service to the nation as a military pilot encompassed three of the wars of the 20th century: WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. What makes this a story for the ages? Our hero, Jack Dorshaw, is 96 years old and still flying.

But his most recent flight is special; it's the fulfillment of a long hoped for dream.

NBC Nightly News showed this story about Dorshaw recently. When I saw it, I was quite touched by this humble man's love for life and for flying. When you see him, you won’t believe that he is almost 100 years old. He has a youthfulness about him. His body is still strong and agile. Look into his eyes and you will see the fire of adventure still burns bright there.

Indeed, Dorshaw, who is only three years shy of being a centenarian, is still flying small planes up into the wild blue yonder every weekend. When he was flying for the military, he was piloting the big cargo transport planes and bombers. But he has harbored a dream for many years to fly in one of those lean, fast, fighter jets. Watch him as he gets an opportunity to do that with the help of the Wish of a Lifetime Foundation and the Brookside Senior Living corporation. Listen to his voice and look at his face when he takes the stick. This is one happy man.

God bless you, Jack Dorshaw. The Veterans Site wishes to add its thanks to you for your long and faithful service to the nation.

You are an inspiration to all of us.

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