It’s Not Easy For All Veterans To Open Up; Here’s How We Can Listen

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Veterans give their all for our country, but some often continue to struggle even when they are brought home.

In this video, an Afghanistan war veteran describes his story.

“Please forgive us, when we come back, for having 100% light discipline to then a week later being back in the middle of Time Square and we have a difficult time adjusting to that. And now when you come back, it is not that easy to fall back into a sense of normality, because the whole normal has changed.”

Our speaker encourages others to listen and explore the many ways you can help veterans with their personal struggles.

“I wanted people to ask me about my experiences. I wanted people to come up to me and ask ‘What did you do?’ ‘What was it like?’ ‘What was the food like?’ ‘How are you doing?’

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Matthew Russell is a West Michigan native and world traveler with a background in journalism, graphic design, and French pastry. He likes to learn new things whenever possible, and enjoys bicycling, going to the dog park, folk music and coffee.
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