QUIZ: Were These From WWI or WWII?

World War I and World War II are closely related, and while there were different reasons behind each war, many of the same nations and even individuals were involved in both. Nations like Great Britain, Germany, Russia, France, and the United States were all major players in both conflicts decades apart. With all of the similarities, can you take a look at some key historical facts and figures and tell which world war they belong to?

This quiz is designed to see if you know your military history in general, and specifically to see if you can tell the difference between the two world wars.

After you take the quiz, be sure to do two things: share your results in the comments so that everyone can see how well you did, and then make sure you share the quiz with all your friends! You’ll want to show off your knowledge and see if anyone you know can get a match or beat your score! And if you still haven’t had enough, there are plenty more military quizzes on The Veterans Site Blog for you to try your hand at when you’re finished.

Good luck on this quiz!

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