QUIZ: What Type Of MRE Are You?

The military obviously needs to eat, but they can’t be carrying around a buffet with them everywhere they go. That’s why they use MREs (Meals, Ready to Eat)! They may not sound like the most appetizing dish in the world, and a lot of veterans will agree, but they’re hearty & lightweight and come in a wide variety of menu options!

Take this fun personality quiz to find out what type of MRE you resemble, whether that’s something exotic and spicy, something hearty and traditional, or maybe something a little lighter and brighter! For veterans who have eaten more than your share of MREs over the years, see if you match up to your favorite (or least favorite!) menu option.

If you have fun taking this quiz, afterwards try your luck at another one to find out which military ship you are worthy of commanding!

Make sure you post your results in the comments and share it with all of your friends to see what MRE they are too. Who knows, maybe you’ll make a great meal together!


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