QUIZ: See Which Weird Facts You Know About These States

Fifty unique states. Fifty unique governments. Fifty unique landscapes. And millions of unique people that call each of those fifty states home.

There’s bound to be some weirdness that slips through the cracks, am I right? Well, not entirely. Because, as you’ll find in the fun quiz we’ve put together for you below, some of this “weirdness” doesn’t just slip through the cracks — this “weirdness” is embraced, and celebrated.

And can’t that “weirdness” also be representative of what’s great about living the U.S.?

We think it can, and we think it’s time that you put your knowledge of this weirdness to the test. Getting started is easy — just click “Start” below. Then, after you answer the ten multiple choice questions to the best of your ability, share your result with all of your friends on Facebook!

Good luck, and enjoy!

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