How Your Choices Can Affect Veterans Every Day

Routines: they’re easy to fall into, and difficult to break out of. What tends to happen when we become so deeply engrained in these routines is that we cease to understand that our actions have consequences for anyone outside of the handful of folks we recognize as important — we start to believe that it’s only our families that are affected, and our friends, and our coworkers.

We make the mistake of forgetting that our everyday choices can affect strangers in meaningful ways.

But they absolutely can. To illustrate just that, we’ve put together an interactive story for you to participate in below — you remember those choose your own adventure stories from when you were a kid, right!? Just click into the story, choose wisely, and, once you reach the end, try it all over again to see what new route you can take.

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Veteran homelessness continues to be a major problem here in the United States. But every day people are making the choice to fight this issue head on.

Thanks to generous donations here, the Veterans Matter program has been able to assist in housing 42 veterans and their families (a total of 67 people no longer living in the streets or in shelters)! Of those 67 individuals, 19 were children. Children who now have a place to call home.

One particular veteran and his family had been homeless for a year and were living in a travel trailer with no running water. The children were 10 and 14, the 14 year old had recently attempted suicide and was in the hospital. The veteran was an 18 year Army veteran who had been medically discharged and was fighting for VA disability. The assistance they received from the organization afforded them the ability to move in to a place they could call home! The family has been stable since then, and it allowed the veteran to focus his energy on his medical and mental health.

You can make this kind of a difference today. Find out more below.

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