QUIZ: Who Said What About the USMC?

Take a stroll around your favorite social media platform and you’ll see firsthand that people, well, people have a lot to say. Status updates, memes, pinned boards, tweets, video after video after video.

Our desire to communicate isn’t some new discovery — we’ve always had a lot to say, and for a long time now, we’ve been pretty awesome at recording what it is that’s being said.

Older than our nation itself, the United States Marine Corps hasn’t been exempt of discussion over the years, from within the Corps, and from outside of the Corps. What we’ve done to bring you the super fun quiz you’ll find below is sift through all of the USMC quotes floating around out there and compile our favorites.

All you have to do is guess who said the darn thing.

But hey, don’t expect it to be easy! Embrace the challenge, and be sure to share your results with all of your friends!

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