QUIZ: Can You Match The Uniform To The Military Branch?

The brave men and women of the United States Armed Forces serve our country with valor, honor, sacrifice, and courage. They volunteer to protect our country and our freedoms and to wear the uniform with pride.

But each branch of the military has its own uniforms, and here we’ve put together a quiz to see if you can correctly identify the different uniforms from the different branches of the military.

From a series of close-up pictures of the uniforms and camouflage patterns, you will be asked to choose which uniform belongs to which branch.

And to make things a little harder, we’ve thrown in both combat and service dress uniforms. How well do you think you’ll do on a challenge like this?

After you’ve taken the quiz, make sure you share your results in the comments and then challenge your friends and family to see if they can do any better than you did!

Have fun and good luck!

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