Quiz: Which STRIPES Character Are You?

IMDB lists the plot of Stripes as follows: “Two friends who are dissatisfied with their jobs decide to join the army for a bit of fun.”

Which is a perfect setup for a comedy that stands the test of time, am I right!?

In 1981, director Ivan Reitman — at the time coming off of the successes of National Lampoon’s Animal House (as a producer) and Meatballs (as director) — pitched to Paramount Pictures the idea that “Cheech & Chong” join the army. The idea was quickly entered into production, and, instead of Cheech & Chong, Bill Murray & Harold Ramis took on the roles of buddies John Winger and Russell Ziskey. And the rest is history!

But history is to be remembered! To this day, Stripes is an effective comedy not only because it makes us laugh, nor because of its setting (though we have to admit that we’re huge fans!), but because of its characters — both the grounded and the zany. They’re what simultaneously hold the film together and propel the film forward. They’re what will resonate with the generations to follow.

And so we must ask: which Stripes character are you most like? Luckily, the answer lies below, in the personality test we’ve put together for you. Just click “Start” to begin.

Good luck, enjoy, and be sure to share your results with all of your friends!

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