QUIZ: How Well Do You Know NASA?

From the first space pioneers to today’s explorers, many of the astronauts at NASA have come from a military background. Famous astronauts like Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, John Glenn, Jim Lovell, and many more were veterans before they took to the stars. In fact, the earliest of NASA’s missions were test flights of experimental airplanes pushing the limits of what aerodynamics could do.

Many people vividly remember watching Neil Armstrong take those first famous steps on the moon or mourning the loss of lives during the Challenger tragedy. In just a short period of time, what was once thought to be mere science fiction became reality, and those boundaries are still be pushed to this day.

But how well do you really know your space exploration history? Here’s a quiz that will test your knowledge of NASA and the brave astronauts who risked – and some gave – their lives to further our knowledge of the universe, expand our horizons, and inspire hope for generations.

Take the quiz now and be sure to share your results with your friends!

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