QUIZ: Can You Guess Which Actor Played Which President?

A lot of U.S. Presidents have been portrayed in movies and television shows. From George Washington to Teddy Roosevelt to Donald Trump, the Commander in Chief makes for a great role that any actor would want to play. Some Presidents like John F. Kennedy or Abraham Lincoln have been portrayed many times in both film and television by different actors.

On the other hand, Ronald Reagan was a successful Hollywood actor before he switched careers, got into politics, and eventually became the President of the United States. He was known as “the Great Communicator,” and often cited his experience as an actor for giving him the speaking experience and skills he used in the Oval Office.

In this fun quiz that spans decades of television and film, you can see how well you know your presidential portrayals. We’ll give you 12 Presidents who have been featured on the silver screen and you have to figure out which actor played that President at some point. It may sound straight forward, but then you might find it’s tougher than it sounds. And the quiz gets harder as you go!

After you take the quiz, make sure you share it with your friends and see if they can do any better than you! Good luck!

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