QUIZ: Prove Your Knowledge of These Special Days

National holidays have gotten a bit whacky, haven’t they? Take a peek on social media throughout the calendar year and you’ll see all kinds of goodies, including, but not limited to: Do a Grouch a Favor Day, Lasagna Day, Deviled Eggs Day, and, an all-time classic, Punctuation Day.

To be clear, yes, those are all nationally-recognized days. And if you celebrate any one of them, bully for you!

Our aim isn’t to discount those days. Not in the slightest. But, we’re curious: what do you know about the days that matter to our troops and their families? What do you know about the days in place to observe, to remember, and to honor?

Curiosity got the better of us, we suppose, as we’ve put together a fun quiz for you below. Just click “Start” to begin, and answer the eight multiple choice questions to the best of your ability. Then, shout your results from the mountaintops by sharing them with all of your friends on Facebook.

Good luck, and enjoy!

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