QUIZ: Talk Like a Sailor

Whether you’ve served in the United States Navy, or are a friend or family member of someone who has, you know that mastering the language of the Navy can be as complex and difficult (not to mention time-consuming) as mastering the languages native to opposite sides of the world. There are new terms, new phrases, new inflections, and, to add fuel to the fire, there are literally thousands of new acronyms one must learn if their aim is to thrive in the Navy.

Don’t believe us? Yet to be convinced? Okay. What about a “Snipe” or “Swab”? Do you know what either of those translate to in Navy speak? What about “NUWC” or “Scuttlebutt”? What about “Blackshoe” or “Brightwork” or “Bulkhead”?

While you won’t find any of the aforementioned on the quiz below, you will find a variety of Navy words, phrases, and acronyms that are sure to put your knowledge to the test.

Good luck, enjoy, and be sure to share your results with all of your friends!

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