QUIZ: Name These Military Medals

As you know, the United States military is comprised of multiple branches. And, as you also know, each branch has their own way of doing things. They have their own motto. They have their own ranking system. They have their own training criteria. They have their own mission. And, you guessed it, they also have their own medals. But then again, the United States Armed Forces as a whole awards its own medals to individual service members, right? So what gives? What’s the distinction? Who gets what when, and why?

The good news is that, in order to take the quiz we’ve put together for you below, you don’t need to be an absolute expert in U.S. military medals. Will it help? Yes, of course it will. But hey, consider this U.S. military medals 101 here, and have some good old fashioned fun with it.

Getting started is easy: just click “Start” to begin, then answer the nine multiple choice questions to the best of your ability. Once you’ve finished, go ahead and challenge your friends to do better!

Good luck, and enjoy!

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