Do You Know How The USA Compares To Other Military Forces?

Do you love the United States of America? Can you never get enough military knowledge? Same here!

But what about military forces from other countries around the world – do you think you could answer some questions about them too?

We’ve put together a fun quiz to see if you know how the United States Armed Forces stacks up against other militaries, and how they differ. Some of the answers just might surprise you!

After you take the quiz, make sure you do three things. First, share the results on Facebook or in the comments to show how well you did. Second, see if your friends and family can do as well as you on this quiz. Third, don’t forget to thank a veteran today!

If you think this quiz about other militaries is fun, try taking our quizzes on the specific branches of the United States Armed Forces. Click each of the links here to take the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard quizzes!

Good luck!


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