How Much Do You REALLY Know About America’s 10 Fiercest Generals?

Look back on the military history of the United States — I don’t mean just to World War II, I mean all the way back, as far back as the Colonial Wars (1620 – 1774) — and you’ll see that we’ve come a long way, in terms of technology, yes, in terms of geographical distance, yes, that too, but also in terms of strategy. The ironic thing is that key drivers of such change represent a constant necessary to military powers as consistently formidable as that of the United States: strong leadership.

From branch to branch, from person to person, there are of course different kinds of leadership — different ranks, yes, but also different philosophies being implemented at different times to address a different set of different needs.

In other words, strong leadership, particularly in the military, comes in all shapes and sizes. One particular word that we stumbled across, however which seems to apply to American generals history has hoisted into greatness, is: fierce.

Because “fierce” can apply to the fiery. Because “fierce” can apply to the quiet. To the bold, to the nimble, to the bayonet fixers and the morale boosters. Look back on the military history of the United States and you’ll see that fierce generals have helped shape not only the military, but the nation itself.

But what do you REALLY know about these fierce generals? Test your knowledge by completing the 10-question quiz below. Good luck, enjoy, and be sure to share your score with all of your friends!

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